Established in 2017, SV CARE GROUP is a trusted and prestigious brand known for specializing in Primary Healthcare Services. Embracing a holistic approach to societal health, SV CARE is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of well-being for its clients through three interconnected components: comprehensive integrated health services, a multi-sectorial approach, and proactive community engagement. These approaches address broader health determinants inclusively, cost-effectively, and efficiently. As a result, we have experienced structured growth in turnover, employees, service expansion, and innovative developments. Furthermore, we have solidified our position by forming strong affiliations with major players in the healthcare and related industries.

  • To provide an excellent, comprehensive and holistic medical care inclusive of preventive, curative, rehabilitative, research & development
  • To be an integrated primary health care centre of excellence.
  • Progressively updating the level of knowledge and services of our staffs and continue to be on par with latest medical practice

Our driving force is to provide the best solutions to our clients, and our motto "YES WE CARE" encapsulates the essence of SV CARE's purpose.