Enhancing our existing range of services, we proudly introduce the SV CARE SYNAPSE PHYSIOTHERAPY Centre. Launched in September 2019 as our inaugural branch, this specialized facility is dedicated to advancing physical well-being and rehabilitation. Our highly skilled physiotherapists employ cutting-edge techniques and evidence-based approaches to address diverse musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Through tailored treatment plans, we prioritize individual needs, striving to enhance mobility, flexibility, and overall functional capacity.

Our state-of-the-art amenities and advanced equipment ensure unparalleled care, fostering a compassionate and supportive atmosphere for our valued clients. Whether recuperating from injury, managing persistent discomfort, or optimizing athletic performance, SV CARE SYNAPSE PHYSIOTHERAPY is committed to empowering individuals to reclaim vitality and lead enriched lives. Guided by our aspiration to offer comprehensive, holistic, and exceptional medical care encompassing prevention, cure, rehabilitation, and research, we envision becoming a pinnacle of integrated primary health care excellence.

Our unwavering pursuit involves constantly elevating our staff's knowledge and service standards, staying abreast of the latest medical advancements and practices. Our motivation stems from a profound dedication to providing optimal solutions for our clients, encapsulated in our motto "YES WE CARE," which embodies the core essence of SV CARE's purpose.

Our Physiotherapist

Renowned for their professional stature and extensive proficiency, SV Care Synapse Physiotherapists employ an advanced skill set and patient-centric strategies, guaranteeing successful treatment across diverse conditions. Bolstered by SV Care Group's unwavering dedication to excellence, they empower individuals to restore physical well-being, enabling them to embrace healthier lifestyles with confidence and vitality.

Zailene Deliza Husaini

Registered Physiotherapist,Co-Founder

Mohammad Danial Adam

Registered Physiotherapist

Nurul Atikah Nazanudin

Registered Physiotherapist


Back & Neck Pain

Sports Injuries

Work Desk Injuries

Pre-Post-Surgical Conditions

Scoliosis & Postural Abnormalities

Neurological Conditions

Osteoarthritis & Rheumatism

Condition Relating To Elderly

Home Physiotherapy


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